Upcoming Greeters and Hospitality

  • July 20 Pedro Dos Santos and Cara Langston
  • August 3 Craig Mosher & Annastacia Cowles
  • August 17 Mike & Shirley Vermace
  • August 31 Paul & Carolyn Corbin)

Hospitality Notes Servers: Our coffee is in the refrigerator. Concise directions for servers are taped inside the cupboard door to the right as you enter the kitchen. NEIUUF Account: There is a small account at Oneota Food Co-op, intended for purchase of juice and/or half & half, or your treats, if need be. If you use this account and find that it is low, please let Otter know. All: Thank you to Julie Fischer for donating several dish towels to help with our Fellowship’s hospitality needs. The towels will be below the sink in the kitchen at Bethania. If you can launder and return them to Bethania the next Sunday after you serve, excellent. If you won’t be able to return them by the next Sunday, please send them home with Otter to launder, or return them clean to his back porch sometime during the week. And thanks again, Julie!

Hospitality Guidelines A few things that people frequently ask about regarding hospitality:

  • Coffee and tea are in the fridge (to avoid tempting mice). Blue measuring scoop is in one of the containers. (It’s not really Folgers — just a handy container 🙂 Use 1+1/2 scoops per pot.
  • Coffee filters and napkins are in one of the bags hanging on the Kid-Stuff rack under or near the closet behind the elevator. Only one coffee pot needs a paper filter.
  • “Regular” and “Decaf” paper signs to put on top of the coffee pots are in the cabinet just to right as you enter the kitchen.
  • Carafes are in the lower cabinets to the left as you enter the kitchen.
  • Serving dishes, bowls, platters, spoons, etc. are in the cabinets above and below the main serving counter.

Succinct Hospitality Course (based on two servers per Sunday)

  • Sunday Servers: Both provide treats for our 10:00-10:30 social time (arrive by 9:30 at the latest) to make coffee (provided), heat water for tea (provided), set up (cups, glasses, napkins, etc. provided) and clean up (wash and put away dishware, sweep basement, take NEIUUF garbage to nearby Vesterheim dumpster).
  • Treats: Each server brings one of the following: fruit, cheese & crackers, cookies, other baked goods… whatever suits your fancy, and as fancy or simple as suits you. Treat-providers usually also provide juice or milk, and half-&-half. (Be in touch with one another to decide who is bringing which). Coffee and tea are in the refrigerator.
  • Once refreshments are set up: One server continues to tend the kitchen, while the other greets arriving members and friends, and welcomes and directs new-comers to our social time and service.
  • Both servers: Help clean the kitchen/dining-area after the social time.
  • General: NEIUUF keeps its own towels, dishwashing liquid, coffee-makers, coffee/tea and napkins at Bethania. Please let Harvey or Otter know if any supplies are running low.

Hospitality Contacts HarveyBenson@hotmail.com OtterDreaming@gmail.com