We are a welcoming community seeking spiritual growth, honoring diversity, working for peace and justice, and sharing together the events and seasons of our lives.

This SundayMarch 1 – Naked Vegetarians: The Jains, with Karen Esterl. Though many people are familiar with Hinduism and Buddhism, far fewer know about another religion that originated in India: Jainism. Jains are known for a strict adherence to ahimsa (nonviolence), some of them even going so far as to wear no clothing to avoid accidentally killing an insect caught in the folds of cloth. This talk explores Jainism and the lessons we can learn from this ancient philosophy/religion even if we choose to keep our clothes on!

Share the Plate Recipient for January & February: The Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center. More information about the NE Iowa Peace and Justice Center may be found at http://www.neipjc.org/.

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